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by Sloan Rowan
Creative Expert, Craft Solutions

These make great class projects. Once complete, the children can give them as gifts for mom and dad. Plus many of the supplies are probably items you already have on hand.

Here are the instructions for the kids:
  • Valentine gift bags
    Decorate the outside of a plain brown, red or white paper bag using stickers, markers, ribbon, etc. Inside the kids can tuck a handmade card and a sweet treat.
  • Special lollipop treats
    This works best with larger, flat, round lollipop. Cut out 2 circle from pieces of construction paper, one per lollipop. Decorate the paper with special messages, stickers, etc. Attach a piece of paper to one side of the lollipop with tape, attach one to the other side. Each child can make several lollipops to give as gifts for family and friends.
  • A bouquet of handmade flowers
    Use popsicles sticks to create a stem. Color these stems green with markers or paint. For each flower cut 6 petals and one small round center in various colors of construction paper (these could be pre-cut for the children to assemble). Assemble the 6 petals around the circle and glue together. Then glue the finished flower to the stem. Make several flowers to create a bouquet. Tie the bouquet together with green pipe cleaner.


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