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by Sloan Rowan
Creative Expert, Craft Solutions

Want that perfect jewelry to go with the great wedding dress you've spent so much time selecting? Why not create your own wedding jewelry? Make something spectacular that is the perfect design and style for your tastes. And it doesn't have to take a lot of knowledge or skill. There are all sorts of jewelry projects that run the gamut of skill levels required. There are also ideas in all sorts of mediums for you to use.

Check out the links below for wedding jewelry ideas to help get you started creating your own fantastic wedding jewelry.


Web Sites: Make Your Own Wedding Jewelry

Bridal and Wedding Jewelry Ideas
Check out these design ideas that cover everyone from the bride to the flower girl.   (Report this as a bad link) 

Wedding Projects at
Earring, necklace, and bracelet projects.  (Report this as a bad link) 

Projects: Make Your Own Wedding Jewelry

Fireball Sparkle Earrings
Instructions and supplies included for these Swarovski Crystal earrings.   (Report this as a bad link)






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