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by Sloan Rowan
Creative Expert, Craft Solutions

Use these downloadable forms and templates to help keep organized and run a professional craft business. All external links open in a new browser window.

Craft Project/Supply Organization

  1. Craft Project Shopping List
    Use this form to create a shopping list of supplies for each project. Then, when you need to make a trip to the craft store (or do some online shopping), you have a handy list of the items you need. (You can even use it to do comparison shopping by listing the price of an item at different stores.) (PDF - from Craft Solutions)

  2. Craft Project Materials List
    Use this sheet to keep track of the supplies needed for each project, the number of finished units created with the
    purchased supplies, and the cost per finished unit. (PDF - from Craft Solutions)

  3. Project To Do List
    Use this handy to do list to keep track of tasks to be completed. The easy to use checkmark column, makes it a breeze to see what is completed and what is left to work on.  (Excel - from Microsoft)

  4. Quality Scale Survey
    Use this form to track random quality inspections of your products. Set up a schedule and randomly check a grouping of your products. Be sure to check the item over carefully. Be as critical as a potential customer. (Excel - from Microsoft)

Sales and Inventory

  1. Craft Show Order Sheet
    Track your sales per show by recording all your orders on this order sheet. Remember…it is a good idea to get contact information from your customers. By collecting this information, you can send them information like product updates, show flyers, etc. (PDF - from Craft Solutions)

  2. Inventory/Sales Tally Sheet
    Keep a tally of how many of each item you sell during
    a craft show. This sheet can also be used as an inventory record sheet. (PDF - from Craft Solutions)

  3. Product Price List
    Use this Excel sheet as an overall business price list. Whether used for your own records or distributed to potential or existing customers, this professional looking sheet will aid in communication of bulk or wholesale prices. (Excel - from Microsoft)

  4. Inventory Management Database
    This Access database is a quick and easy way to manage your product inventory, especially if you use a variety of craft items. (Access - from Microsoft)

  5. Receipt
    Use this preformatted receipt for quick handwritten receipts when a receipt is requested by a customer. It is a great idea to keep some printed and on hand for those unexpected requests for a printed receipt.  (Word - from Microsoft)

  6. Receipt
    This version provides tear off sections so both you and your customer can have a copy. (Word - from Microsoft)

  7. Invoice
    This invoice is a great way to communicate with your bulk and wholesale customers or for any time you need to send an invoice. It is both professional and organized. Fill out on your computer and print for a completely professional piece of business communication. (Word - from Microsoft)

Marketing Materials
Visit for templates that will help you create stylish yet low-cost marketing materials. These templates include flyers, brochures, and posters.

Stationary and Labels
Visit for great business stationary and labels. These labels are a great help when organizing your craft supplies. Also, check out the labels and stationary available to help you create a professional business identity.






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